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I am a Teaching Fellow in Mathematics and Statistics at Oxford Brookes University where I contribute to the delivery of BSc Mathematics and MSc Data Analytics courses. I joined the Oxford Brookes University after working in the industry on data science projects and developing RShiny applications.

Previously, I held a postdoc position in Algebra and Number Theory group at the University of Edinburgh and worked with Prof Agata Smoktunowicz on her ERC grant. I received my PhD in Algebra and Number Theory from the University of Exeter under the supervision of Prof Nigel Byott.

Here you can find information about my research and teaching.

Research interests: My main research interests are in algebra, Galois module theory, the Yang-Baxter equation, and arithmetic geometry. For my PhD I classified all Hopf-Galois structures and skew braces of order p3: An intricate and beautiful piece of work containing mainly group theoretic calculations which has vast applications in Galois module theory of p-extensions of fields as well as the set-theoretic solutions of the quantum Yang-Baxter equation. I also hold an interest for in research statistics, machine learning, and data science. See my Research tab for a detailed account of my work to date.

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Contact Information:

Email: knejabati-zenouz@brookes.ac.uk
Tel: 01865 48 3900
Office PG1.06
School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
Oxford Brookes University
Oxford, UK, OX33 1HX

The picture is me in the beautiful city of Edinburgh on 28 March 2018. Last Updated 21 Jan 2019.